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Utopia Umbra

Utopia Umbra

A collection of vitrified porcelain, this range of versatile shapes showcase an elegant light finish with dappled brown rims. A perfect canvas for any food presentation. Whether used alone or mixed with other ranges, this collection is ideal for many outlets.?

Umbra Coupe Bowl 10.25

Umbra Coupe Bowl 10.25" (26cm)

£8.66 (exc VAT)

Umbra Bowl 6

Umbra Bowl 6" (15cm)

£6.31 (exc VAT)

Umbra Dip Dish 4.5

Umbra Dip Dish 4.5" (11cm)

£4.11 (exc VAT)

Umbra Irregular Bowl 6.25

Umbra Irregular Bowl 6.25" (16cm)

£7.38 (exc VAT)

Umbra Coupe Plate 9

Umbra Coupe Plate 9" (23cm)

£6.66 (exc VAT)

Umbra Coupe Plate 10.5

Umbra Coupe Plate 10.5" (27cm)

£7.89 (exc VAT)

Umbra Square Plate 9

Umbra Square Plate 9" (20cm)

£7.42 (exc VAT)

Umbra Square Plate 10

Umbra Square Plate 10" (25cm)

£8.72 (exc VAT)

Umbra Oblong Plate 12

Umbra Oblong Plate 12" (32cm)

£13.48 (exc VAT)

Umbra Oblong Plate 14.5

Umbra Oblong Plate 14.5" (37cm)

£19.14 (exc VAT)

Umbra Coupe Plate 12

Umbra Coupe Plate 12" (30cm)

£10.43 (exc VAT)