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Utopia Lichen

Utopia Lichen

The Lichen range has a beautifully simply design that features a subtle speckled pattern, its organic shape coupled with a natural colour scheme creates an informal and rustic feel which works well with a wide variety of food presentation. This oval plate is crafted from vitrified porcelain giving it a resilience and strength making it a perfect serveware option.

Lichen Oval Plate - 11.75

Lichen Oval Plate - 11.75"

£15.95 (exc VAT)

Lichen Plate - 9.75

Lichen Plate - 9.75"

£13.28 (exc VAT)

Lichen Plate - 12.25

Lichen Plate - 12.25"

£16.61 (exc VAT)

Lichen Coupe Plate - 8

Lichen Coupe Plate - 8"

£10.30 (exc VAT)

Lichen Coupe Bowl - 6.5

Lichen Coupe Bowl - 6.5"

£12.21 (exc VAT)