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Utopia Etna

Utopia Etna

Developed to showcase an element of metallic copper across each and every piece. This vitrified porcelain collection with a reactive glaze finish adds individuality to every item.

Etna Plate 8

Etna Plate 8" (20cm)

£8.74 (exc VAT)

Etna Oval Plate 11.75

Etna Oval Plate 11.75" (30cm)

£13.39 (exc VAT)

Etna Coupe Bowl 8.25

Etna Coupe Bowl 8.25" (21cm)

£8.97 (exc VAT)

Etna Plate 12.25

Etna Plate 12.25" (31cm)

£13.94 (exc VAT)

Etna Plate 9.5

Etna Plate 9.5" (24.5cm)

£11.14 (exc VAT)