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Utopia Dune

Utopia Dune

Inspired by the natural form with its irregular curved shape, Dune is a perfect blend of modern style and earthiness. Made from Vitrified porcelain for longevity and strength, each piece is then individually glazed and each has distinct beauty through the random effects that happen during the firing process. It's warm, neutral tone makes it the ideal canvas for food presentation, while it's speckled finish and grainy effect is reminiscent of nature, adding rustic charm to any dining setting.?

Dune Bowl 5.5

Dune Bowl 5.5" (13.5cm)

£1.85 (exc VAT)

Dune Plate 11.75

Dune Plate 11.75" (30cm)

£3.54 (exc VAT)

Dune Coupe Bowl 8.75

Dune Coupe Bowl 8.75" (22.5cm)

£3.08 (exc VAT)

Dune Plate 9.5

Dune Plate 9.5" (25cm)

£3.08 (exc VAT)