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Titan Coupe Plates

Titan Coupe Plates

The Titan collection has been created to offer practical and durable solutions without compromising superb presentation. A comprehensive range of Super Vitrified Porcelain Hotelware has been created to cover all of the markets requirements from dining through to service and oven to tableware. Produced using the finest raw materials, Titan fully conforms to British Hotelware Standard BS4034, which demands the highest standards of strength and water absorption resistance.

In addition to this our products also surpass the industry standards for handle strength, metal marking, thermal shock, edge chipping resistance, toxic metal release, microwave and dishwasher resistance. In a testament to our belief in this product all flatware has a 5-year edge chip warranty, guaranteeing its performance.

The Titan collection can also be decorated with your bespoke decoration for a low volume commitment.

Titan Coupe Plate* 7

Titan Coupe Plate* 7" - case of 30

£53.00 (exc VAT)

Titan Coupe Plate* 9.5

Titan Coupe Plate* 9.5" - case of 24

£68.96 (exc VAT)

Titan Coupe Plate* 10.25

Titan Coupe Plate* 10.25" - case of 6

£18.95 (exc VAT)

Titan Coupe Plate* 11

Titan Coupe Plate* 11" - case of 6

£24.31 (exc VAT)

Titan Coupe Plate* 12

Titan Coupe Plate* 12" - case of 6

£36.73 (exc VAT)

Titan Deep Coupe Plate 10.25

Titan Deep Coupe Plate 10.25" - case of 6

£32.77 (exc VAT)