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Protect Divider Screens

Protect Divider Screens

In order to aid increased capacity in outlet we have mobile screens to create safe pods for customers where seating is closer than 2 metres. The screens are manufactured in the UK in order to provide quick solutions in time for opening.

Made from aluminium and polycarbonate this shatterproof protective screen will not shatter if broken.

To comply with health and safety guidelines fire rated materials are used in the construction of this protective screen.

Individually boxed the feet pivot with a locking nut to enable flat pack transportation and storage.

The divider is shown with simple design to ensure that it can be seen. The standard screen will be provided in clear. It can also be personalised with your logo.

Instilling confidence in a visible way.

Please note image size shown is for the 180cm x 180cm screen

Utopia Protect Divider 71x71

Utopia Protect Divider 71x71" (180x180cm)

£386.25 (exc VAT)

Utopia Protect Divider 71x55

Utopia Protect Divider 71x55" (180x140cm)

£340.00 (exc VAT)

Utopia Protect Divider 55x55

Utopia Protect Divider 55x55" (140x140cm)

£327.50 (exc VAT)