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Paper Products

Paper Products

We have an enviable range of paper products.

Over many years we have carefully selected products from the very best paper manufacturers.

Tork papers and systems for stylish dispensing and quality paper. Kimberly Clark paper for where the very highest quality and image is required, Katrin Paper for superb quality hand towels and toilet tissue, Leonardo Systems that offer great cost in use benefits and Tork for trusted branding.

Our selection of paper suppliers has been driven by our fully supporting the CHSA accreditation standard. This demands that manufacturers declare how much paper you get for your money by ensuring that case contents are fully stated, that means rolls lengths, sheets per roll, rolls per box etc.

So if you ever see paper prices that appear to be too good to be true, then just maybe they are.

If your suppliers do not tell you on their paperwork how much paper is in the box you are buying then maybe they have something to hide. Perhaps you should ask them what you get for your money.

Then you can truly understand if you are getting best value or not. After all you would not expect to be charged 50 for 'some' petrol, you would want to know how many litres you had bought wouldn't you?