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Housekeeping Products

Housekeeping Products

Time is always in short supply for busy housekeeping teams and management.

By getting the right product for the task it can not only help by getting the job done quickly but also by helping to keep costs and budgets under control.

The 'right' product though is not just about buying the most expensive product or even about buying the cheapest. Its driven by getting a product that not only does the job effectively but also quickly and one that is also easy and safe to use.

Our product range offers products from market leading manufacturers, Diversey, Selden Research, Jeyes Professional, Cleenol and Clover Chemicals. In addition we also have a fantastic range of bio friendly products made in Sussex by Bio Productions.

As well as our everyday cleaning products we have more unusual items such as body spill kits which should be in every cleaners cupboards and armoury!. They are used for quickly dealing with spills such as vomit, blood and other of life's little accidents. Once used you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

For the bigger cleaning team we have a choice of makes of concentrated cleaning products. These offer incredible cost in use savings and also have benefit to certain environmental issues. Our sales team will be delighted to discuss these with you and help you make an informed choice of what the best solution is for you.

We can also help you with COSHH regulations and we offer support material such as MSDS sheets.