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Hotel Room Products

Hotel Room Products

First impressions count and your guests will very quickly form an opinion of your hotel just as soon as they enter the bathroom and see the quality of the soaps, shower gels and other guest amenities that you have provided for them. Being seen to scrimp here may beg the question what are things like behind the scenes and that aren't readily visible.

We have a wide choice of luxurious products made by Scottish Fine Soaps that are designed to meet every hotelier's price range. These are available in sachets, individual bottles, and pump top bottles as well as 5 litre refill canisters.

Then there are accessory packs such as toothbrushes, vanity and sewing kits, shoe shines and much more. We even supply cotton balls and buds. Do not disturb signs, laundry and shoe shine bags for your guests to ask you to pamper them. Acrylic and wooden trays allow you to display all of the wonderful luxury guest products at their finest, after all if you provide the nice things in life then why not show them at their best.

Disposable bath mats are also available along with anti slip rubber bath and shower mats that will go a long way to helping avoid slips and falls in your bathrooms.