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Hardware Products

Hardware Products

Whatever the task our extensive range of hardware is bound to meet your need.

Having worked over many years with our key suppliers who themselves have years of experience in developing and manufacturing quality products we have one of the biggest and most extensive ranges of hardware solutions around, and all from trusted names such as SYR, Robert Scott, Vileda Professional, Contico and many others.

In most cases we have a choice of colours of products in order to assist you in implementing a fully colour coded cleaning system. This can help ensure that the same mops and cloths are not used to clean the lavatory and then the kitchen worktop!

Mops, buckets, dusting tools, floor sweepers, cleaning trollies, window cleaning equipment, bins and even baby changing units are all available.

We even have a water management system, Sensaflush which is made by Vectair Systems. This is a superb aid in dramatically reducing water consumption in your washrooms, yet at the same time be efficient enough to avoid creating nasty odours as can sometimes be the case with fully waterless systems.

Reducing the amount of water you use not only saves you considerable sums of money but also goes a long way to helping reduce environmental impact through wasting water unnecessarily.

Our sales team will be pleased to assist you with any of our products.